How to determine the thickness of aluminum alloy die castings?

In the design process of aluminum alloy die castings, many customers are uncertain about the thickness of aluminum alloy die castings, and they do not know how thin the thickness of aluminum alloy die castings can be.

What is the reason for the high temperature of the die-casting mold?

In the process of using the die-casting mold, we need to understand the reason why the temperature of the die-casting mold becomes higher, so what is the specific reason? Let’s take a look together below. Many accessories used by people in daily life are manufactured by die-casting molds, so this mold technology is in great […]

Advanced laser technology: a weapon to improve the level of automobile manufacturing

In recent years, with the continuous progress of science and technology, advanced manufacturing technology represented by laser technology is continuously promoting the upgrading and innovation of the automobile manufacturing industry, and its application in automobile processing has become more and more extensive.

What is RFID Blocking

You may have heard it on the Internet and wondered what RFID stands for, how it works, and what it blocks, but the question is, is it important? Blocking RF-ID means something that has the ability to stop radio frequency identification (RFid). RFIDs are a real thing and blocking your wallet blocks them, so you […]