New UHF Reader for access control

DO RFID Group, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, announced its long range rfid card reader, which combines a powerful RFID reader with an integrated antenna and signal light in one single device. The Compact Reader is ideal for vehicle identification and parking access control applications in airports, universities, gated communities and others. This small vehicle access control reader is installed next to the barrier, gate or bollard, allowing vehicles to conveniently enter the parking area without the need of stopping at the entry.
Efficient and secure vehicle access can be a challenge for building owners with limited space for equipment and a narrow entry for vehicles, the new Compact UHF RFID Reader is small and yet has a long-range performance up to 8 m to allow vehicle entry and exit in an efficient manner. Other concerns from building owners is the vehicle access control system needs to be independent of the primary building access control system but could later be integrated as an option. The Compact UHF Reader has Wiegand and RS485 interfaces for use with existing access control systems. In addition we offers a version with integrated access control panel with the free FEIG Manager software to easily control user data. Access parameters can be easily administrated and stored in the RFID reader’s non-volatile memory and control the gate actuators with its own internal GPIO. This makes it effortless to install the Compact Reader as a standalone vehicle access control system or integrate with other systems.

Our best in class UHF RFID Reader is equipped with a full range of suitable interfaces for vehicle access control and vehicle identification applications. It combines a signal light, a powerful RFID reader, and a potent UHF antenna in one sleek device. Additionally, the reader is equipped with a circular-polarized antenna capable of identifying transponders in every possible orientation. An external antenna can also be added to control a second lane or to enlarge the reading area. Furthermore, the device is able to store application keys in a completely secure environment and its cabinet approach ensures ease of installation and maintenance. The UHF Reader is a fail-safe solution because it does not require an antenna cable which is often damaged during installation and operation. It just needs a power supply and an interface cable; and only one cable is sufficient when using PoE (Power-over-Ethernet).

Key Features: UHF RFID Compact Reader

– Supports all RFID label orientations (Circular Antenna)

– 1 external antenna connector for 2-lane applications

– Up to 8 m Read Range for vehicle access control

– Robust and weather-proof housing (IP65)

– Wiegand and RS485 interface (variant LRU500i-BD)

– Power-over-Ethernet interface (variant LRU500i-PoE)

– Integrated access control panel (variant MAX.U500i)

– Integrated traffic light

– VESA Connector