Consumer spending on app stores up 60% in Q1 2021

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App store consumer spending in the UK rose beyond $1 billion during Q1 2021, a 60% year-on-year growth.

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That’s according to the latest report from mobile data and analytics specialist ASO World.

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The findings also highlight that global average time spent in apps was up 30% to 4.2 hours compared to 2019.

Globally, the UK ranked fifth for leading app markets in terms of consumer spending, behind the US, Japan, China and South Korea.

UK consumers produced the most downloads for utility and evergreen apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp and TikTok.

Consumer spending was highest on Disney+, YouTube and Tinder highlighting just how important entertainment has become.

MAUs were highest on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Amazon and Instagram.

The breakout apps between Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 are Signal, a private messenger, and Vinted, a vintage reselling platform.

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High Heels, a game that was advertised on TikTok, also featured among the top apps in the US and the UK. It shows just how powerful TikTok has become as a platform to promote apps.

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What are the requirements for gravity casting cooling, why is there a problem of looseness?

The production and cnc machining of many products require the process of gravity casting, and Dongguan gravity sand casting is a more commonly used casting process nowadays, but there is not a lot of learning about gravity casting. The following editor will let everyone pass To understand the content of two aspects:

Why does gravity casting have certain requirements for cooling? This is because the mold temperature is required in the process of gravity casting in Dongguan, so this result can be achieved. Its cooling includes natural cooling and forced cooling. It can also be based on different conditions and requirements. To make a choice. There are two methods of forced cooling in gravity casting cooling, which should be compressed air cooling and water cooling. If compressed air is used for cooling, the air should also be evenly blown on the surface of the mold. There must be no missing places, otherwise it will affect the service life of the mold, or some other problems such as cracks, deformation, etc. will appear.

The reason for the formation of the porosity of the gravity die casting is the same as that of the Dongguan gravity casting. If there is a problem of porosity, then there may be several reasons: 1. The casting shrinks during the casting process. , But did not replenish the molten metal in time. 2. The cross-section size of the mold or the incorrect position of the inner runner will cause some problems such as local overheating.

How to understand the equipment of professional laser cutting machine manufacturers

In the field of product processing, as the focus of industrial development, many manufacturers that process sheet metal have gradually upgraded their manufacturing equipment to improve their competitiveness. New sheet metal processing equipment, laser cutting machines, have become indispensable equipment in the processing industry, and their demand has also increased year by year. , And the stability of laser cutting machines is also improving, and laser cutting machine factories have also appeared one after another. With the increase of laser cutting machine manufacturers, the quality of equipment sold on the market is also uneven.

Nowadays, the technical requirements of laser cutting machines are also helpful to the equipment transformation of manufacturers. Manufacturers who cannot develop equipment usually provide old equipment. Manufacturers must pay attention to product upgrades. The R&D department designs products according to the needs of customers and the market. Product diversification can be Fully meet the requirements of users, if the company cannot keep up with its strength, therefore, the strength of the laser cutting machine is also an indicator that is difficult for manufacturers to measure. With the development of science and technology, laser cutting machines have brought people a new life experience. It has received great recognition in various fields.

As a metal laser cutting machine in the metal processing industry, after years of research and development, it has achieved good results.

The cnc machining technology of laser equipment is related to multiple factors such as laser and electricity, which may cause different cutting effects. From the perspective of different choices in the industry, there are many small and medium-sized equipment on the market, so the utilization rate is also high. The processing of laser cutting machines The process has a lot to do with the composition of the laser cutting machine, but it is also related to the skilled use of the laser cutting machine.

High-power laser cutting machine can quickly complete product processing, but if it is low-power equipment, high-power equipment may be wasted. The same low-power equipment cannot be used to process high-output equipment. If the purchased equipment fails unexpectedly, the maintenance waiting time Long will affect production efficiency and cnc operation.